Rachel's Journal - Entry 5

This weekend (November 4-6, 2005), we finally had our D-Now Live Out Loud weekend. It was awesome! I'm going to be honest and say that I wasn't sure if it was going to be awesome though. A week before the event, we had 21 kids signed up. 21, when we were expecting about 40-50! Brian and I wrestled with the idea of canceling it altogether and really sought the Lord's face about what we should do. So many things were saying "NO" like the low registration numbers and our decorations lady backing out at the last minute and budgeting and much more, so we struggled to decipher what was God's voice on the matter and what was Satan's attempts to thwart our good plans. In the end, we decided to change some things, but to have the event in order to minister to those who had signed up. We were going to cut the band because of budget, but they graciously offered to still play a couple of times for us for free, so they did the two night sessions of Friday and Saturday. In the end, we had 30 kids come, so it was about halfway between our really low number of 21 and our expected number of 40 or 50.

I had such an amazing time with my girls this weekend, but I am worn out! I ended up staying with the older girls at Brian and Brooke's house with another leader named Andrea. My group consisted of Brooklyn, Tori, Amber, Bayli, Beckie, Kat, and Emily. On Friday, we broke into our groups and then ate dinner. Then we had a game time which I was completely in charge of, so we had sock wars. We actually had some injuries, but it was fun, nonetheless. No injuries were too serious…well minus that one black eye. Haha…she was OK though. Then we had our first session and the band of David, Tim, Sarah, and Jessie (friends of mine from LU) led our worship. We talked about Daniel that night. Then we went to our houses, where of course our girls were crazy and wanted to stay up late. Saturday, we got to the church and had a morning session, which Brooke and I led worship for. We had the kids write down the time lines of their lives because we talked about how important the day you get saved is. Then we played some ropes course games and then had lunch. After lunch, we took the kids into town for bowling and putt-putt. What fun! When we got back to the church, we had a rest time and then a third session which Brooke and I led singing for again. We talked about the disciple Andrew, which was pretty cool since he is not as well known as others. After dinner we had some games outside and then our last session which the band led worship for again, though I sang with them as well. Our girls were pretty good at the house on Saturday night, and they definitely did NOT want to get up for church on Sunday morning! The wear of the weekend was evident when I was trying to wake them up! In Sunday school we actually had 80 kids which was a huge number for us and so AWESOME! Anyways, that was the weekend, and it was awesome. Brian, Brooke, the band members, and myself went out to lunch today after church. Since we couldn't pay for them to play, we took them to lunch at least. I absolutely love Brian and Brooke. I love the relationship that I am able to have with them and I feel as though I am just getting closer to them as time goes by.