Student Teaching and Internship

In order to fulfill the the requirements set forth by the Texas Education Agency for eligibility for the standard certificate, a student must complete either Clinical/Student Teaching or Internship.

Clinical Teaching - As a prerequisite for teacher certification, all students must complete 6 credit hours of student teaching. Clinical/Student teaching is 13 weeks of full time/unpaid time spent with a mentor teacher in a classroom.

  • Graduate EC-6 Student Teachers will enroll in MEDU5356;
  • Graduate 4-8 Student Teachers will enroll in MEDU5386;
  • Graduate 7-12 or EC-12 Student Teachers will enroll in MEDU 5396.

Clinical/Student Teaching placements will be arranged by the Field Supervisor at the corresponding educational center closest to where the student is completing coursework. Deadlines for Student Teaching applications are March 15 for the following Fall semester placement and October 15 for the following Spring semester placement. NOTE: Student Teaching cannot be done during the Summer semester.

M.Ed Teach and Learn

  • Students may take only one course at a time in addition to student teaching.
  • Students must complete a minimum of 15 hours of MEDU certification courses prior to student teaching which must include completion of MEDU 5483.

Contact your Field Supervisor at your campus for:

Student Teaching - Internship

For additional information, you may also contact:

Vickie Fontaine
Coordinator of Education Field Experiences
(903) 233-3889 or VickieFontaine@letu.edu