Office of Educator Certification Forms

Probationary Certificate Request Form

Current students may use this form to request a probationary certificate. You must be hired by a school district as the teacher of record and be "highly qualified." You must also be enrolled in a two semester internship.

Candidate for Standard Certification:

Once all of the requirements listed below have been completed, students will go to www.tea.state.tx.us and apply for Standard Certification. There is a survey that you will be asked to answer according to how your program prepared you for teaching, the student teaching or internship process, the testing process, etc. It is very important that you answer these questions because part of the university's accreditation is dependent on how you answer the questions.

Payment for the certification fee is made at this time for your standard certification and fingerprinting. Once the fingerprinting fee has been made, a Fast Pass number will be emailed to the applicant. After receiving the Fast Pass number, it allows the applicant to sign up to get fingerprinting completed. Certification is not complete until recommendation has been made by the university, fingerprinting completed and accepted, and all fees paid.

Recommendation for Standard Certification

Recommendation for standard certification by the Certification Office is done when the student is :

  1. Clear all financial records with the university,
  2. Degree has been conferred,
  3. Student teaching/internship is completed, and
  4. Both exams have been passed at the state level. (Content and PPR)