Standard Teacher or Principal Certification


Candidates to be recommended for standard certification must successfully complete:

  • Required curriculum with
    • a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.50
    • a grade of C of higher in all coursework
  • Student Teaching or Internship
  • State-mandated Exams
  • TEACH and Traditional students must have degrees conferred
  • MEd in Educational Administration must have degree conferred to be recommended for a Principal certification

Additionally, candidates must clear:

  • outstanding financial obligations to LeTourneau University

To clear financial holds, contact Student Accounts.

The certification office is responsible for ensuring that all requirements for recommendation have been met.


After the Director of Educator Certification recommends the candidate to the Texas Education Agency (TEA), the educator may log in at www.tea.state.tx.us and print a copy of the completed certification after it has posted. TEA no longer mails a copy of teaching credentials. The Certification Office will email a congratulatory letter to the candidate as well as a copy of the recommendation. The candidate is officially certified when the virtual certificate is posted.

How am I recommended for standard certification by the Director of Certification?

Step 1
  • Complete all coursework and student teaching or internship
  • Meet curriculum requirements with a 2.50 GPA and grades of C or higher in all coursework
  • Pass state-mandated tests
  • Pay all financial obligations to the university
Step 2
  • Apply for standard recommendation at the TEA website
    • Go to www.tea.state.tx.us and log in to TEAL
    • Click on Educator to access your information
    • Choose Applications on the left
    • Follow the prompts, which will require paying a credentialing fee and a fingerprinting fee
  • Update your contact information (personal--not LETU--email, mailing address and phone number) while logged in to TEAL
  • Wait for:
    • Grades to post
    • Degree to be conferred
    • TEA/ETS to post passing scores for state-mandated tests
Step 3

Continue checking your LETU email address in case the Certification Office is trying to contact you about your recommendation. If you have not heard anything by the dates posted on the website, contact Beth Nelms at 903-233-3884.

Examine Virtual Certificates