Leibniz University Hannover-Germany

Leibniz University Hannover-Germany

LeTourneau University partners with Leibniz University in Hannover, Germany, which offers a variety of courses and internships for Engineering, Business and more. Leibniz University is one of Europe's oldest universities and is a leading technical university for science and technology. What's great about Leibniz (beside its internships at Audi, Volkswagen, and BMW) is the ability to receive a scholarship to conduct research at LUH through the DAAD Scholarship out of Germany. Leibniz University offers a world of opportunity for our students, especially those pursuing degrees in Engineering or Business.

While Leibniz University conducts most of its courses in English, it does offer courses instructed in English. View a list of English courses.

If you would prefer to study abroad during summer months, Leibniz also offers Science & Engineering Research Projects as well as the Hannover International Summer School (HISSEMA), specializing in business and economics.

For more information about being an exchange student to Hannover University, view its information for students from a partner university.

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