Hannam University- Daejeon, South Korea

Every year students from all walks of life and from countries both near and far away come to Hannam to study and even after they leave they encourage others to come to Hannam University as they share their amazing experiences with their friends and loved ones in their home country. LeTourneau is pleased to announce its new partnership with Hannam University because of the deep connections to our founder R.G. LeTourneau.


Educational Goals

  • Educate competent leaders who will serve their nation and their church based on Christian principles
  • Make faithful leaders equipped with intellect and virtue in compliance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Education
  • Contribute to the church and the nation by producing well-rounded intellectuals with high moral values
  • Offer a wide range of opportunities to acquire insight and knowledge through the Christian spirit of truth, freedom, and service


Colleges of Academia

Hannam University offers two programs taught in the English language:


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Hannam University Website:

For further information about Hannam University, please visit their English website: www.hannam.ac.kr/eng

Questions? Contact:

Sarah Epling

International Studies Officer

(903) 233-3173


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