Tips for University Students

Everyone is different in their approach to physical therapy school. It's not necessary to do everything, especially if you do it just to jump through hoops.

There are lots of options, so figure out what works best for you. However, we have compiled some general guidelines to help you get started on your journey as a pre-PT student

Ideas to consider

Making the Most of Your Time as a Student

  • Consider doing undergraduate research, especially if you can publish or present at a professional conference. Physical therapy schools value undergraduate research and are looking for those who can think, understand the scientific method, write and present.
  • If possible, become fluent in Spanish. Perhaps pick up a Spanish minor. Across much of the USA, Spanish is an unofficial second language. Physical therapy schools value fluency in a second language, especially Spanish.
  • Get involved in projects that show you care about helping people. This could be anything from helping at a soup kitchen, getting involved in the international service projects, serving as an resident assistant, or getting involved in student government. Physical therapy schools value people whose lives show that they care about others.

Building Relationships

  • Get to know physical therapists and spend time with them. Shadow them at work, if possible. Physical therapy schools look for students who are proactive. In fact, several disciplines of physical therapy require a certain number of observational hours. Keep careful and neat notes of your observation hours including time, data and what you observed. Remember you are joining a professional community.
  • You're transitioning from student to colleague. Professors at LeTourneau University are willing and able to mentor you. They'll be writing your recommendation letters, so build relationships and behave in a way that enables your professors to speak well of you.

Preparing for the GRE

  • Students generally do better on the GRE if they've taken a prep course provided by the testing company. It's often good to do this during the summer after your sophomore year or the fall of your junior year.

Applying to Physical Therapy School

  • Those who apply for physical therapy school as soon as the admissions window opens at the end of their junior year have an increased chance of success.
  • Get to know your target physical therapy schools. Be very familiar with their websites. Call and talk with their admissions counselors.