Karisa Kaye

Message from Dr. Lunsford Concerning Karissa Kaye's Recent Visit to LeTourneau

We had the pleasure of having Karissa Kaye, a 2009 graduate who is now a professional marriage and family therapist, come back to campus to teach as a guest lecturer in some of Dr. Melanie Roudkovski's and Dr. Phil Coyle's psychology classes.

Many of you might remember Karissa. She earned her bachelor's degree at LETU a few short years ago in interdisciplinary studies with minors in Christian ministries, biology and psychology before attending Richmont Graduate University in Chattanooga, Tenn., where she became well-acquainted with Phil and Judi Coyle before they came to LETU.

As a transfer student from Alpena, Mich., Karissa initially came to LETU to play soccer and become a doctor, but she found her calling was more as a "doctor of the soul."

When talking about her undergraduate experience at LeTourneau, Karissa shares that members of the faculty her became like family to her, describing one as "like a second mom."

She describes her experience in front of the classroom this week as a guest lecturer as "surreal" when she realized that just three years ago, she was on the other side of the lectern, and now, her professors have accepted her as a colleague.

She sees that her Christian faith is integral to the work God has called her to do. She understands that relationships matter, and in her work as a Christian marriage and family therapist in Maryland, she counsels hurting people dealing with trauma and intimacy issues.

Karissa is an excellent example of our LETU mission statement. She is a professional of Christ-like character, who is pursuing her calling and claiming her workplace as her mission field. She truly sees her work as a holy calling with eternal impact.