spiritual development shapes campus life.

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Faith is the foundation of everything we do, both inside and outside of the classroom. LeTourneau fosters an environment where students are not only encouraged in their faith and able to seek spiritual leadership, they become leaders themselves.

Many LeTourneau students lead weekly Bible studies with their dorm-mates as floor chaplains, organize campus and community outreaches, help coordinate and lead student missions trips and serve on dozens of teams that design products or provide services to aid organizations both stateside and overseas.

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Faith in learning

Professors at LeTourneau University are more than instructors. They’re mentors, engaging their students both inside the classroom and out. They uphold the highest academic standards for the same reason they pour into their students’ spiritual lives—because they are committed to the glory of God in every area of life. This deep faith is the cornerstone of LeTourneau University. We believe that no education is complete until a student understands who God is and how to relate to Him through His Son, Jesus Christ. This belief influences all that we do and teach.


I am so grateful for the experiences I’ve had here at LeTourneau, and for the mentors I’ve had, who have pushed me to better understand what it means to give myself more fully to what God wants me to do.

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Faith in action

At LeTourneau, spiritual life isn’t just “spiritual.” The life of the Spirit is active and concrete, making a real difference where people really live.

Claiming “every workplace, every nation” as their mission field, LeTourneau graduates see their work as a holy calling with eternal impact. Our Center for Faith and Work is committed to helping Christians understand how their work matters to God and His Kingdom. True fulfillment is found by LeTourneau graduates who see themselves as instruments God uses to make a powerful impact in their industries, communities, and families.

This focus on faith integration extends beyond the classroom and permeates the entire LETU culture. During spring break, over a hundred students travel to multiple locations to complete a variety of mission projects. Working alongside pastors, missionaries, and staff of global organizations, our students are used by God in powerful ways to build His Kingdom and bring physical and spiritual restoration to His people.