What is IEEE?

IEEE, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, is an international society of over 430,000 students and professionals in the electrical, computer, and technology fields. The society, begun in 1884 as the American Institute of Electrical Engineers, maintains as its mission statement:

"IEEE's core purpose is to foster technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity."

IEEE fosters technological innovation in several ways:

  • IEEE's 170 publications unite professionals in diverse niches of engineering, communications, and computing systems and provide a medium for recognizing technological innovations.
  • IEEE maintains a library of over 3.2 million documents on research and development in the IEEE Xplore Digital Library.
  • IEEE sponsors over 1,300 conferences annually worldwide in order to acknowledge member achievements and encourage professional discourse on current issues.
  • IEEE maintains student and professional activities in 2,516 student branches across 80 countries in order to promote student growth and immersion into the current technological arena.

The activities and professional collaboration embodied by IEEE have made it an authority on current technological information across diverse fields from biomedical engineering to aerospace systems.

(Taken from http://www.ieee.org)

IEEE National Branch

The national branch of the IEEE unites students and professionals in the United States and represents their interests relating to government policies, economic growth, credentials bodies, intellectual property, and more. The U.S. branch of the IEEE also notifies members of economic and professional developments related to the electrical/computer/technology fields and recognizes member achievements through journals and awards. In addition, the national IEEE promotes student involvement by sponsoring design competitions across the country and putting them in contact with career professionals. (Taken from http://www.ieeeusa.org)

IEEE Campus Branch

The LeTourneau student branch of the IEEE hosts numerous activities to support our students' academic and professional success in the electrical and computer engineering fields. One way our IEEE chapter supports student development is informing our students of technological developments and career issues in monthly seminars led by industry professionals.

Our chapter also holds several technical seminars per semester to educate students on electronic design concepts, complementing classroom learning. Additionally, we sponsor students to compete in the IEEE Region 5 (Southwestern U.S.) Circuit Design Competition every spring, where teams meet from across the region to test their design skills against each other.

Finally, fun activities and socials encourage our electrical and computer engineering students to develop enriching relationships with each other that can support mutual learning and academic success.

Officers of the Campus Branch

  • President: Cody Joy
  • Vice President: Peter Cowles
  • Treasurer: Jordan Trewitt
  • Secretary: Aidan Wolter
  • Publicist: April Paul
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. SeungHyun Kim