Yoni Adonyi

Dr. Yoni AdonyiDr. Yoni Adonyi

Professor Emeritus, Materials Joining Engineering

Email: YoniAdonyi@letu.edu



  • Ph.D. Ohio State University 1989
  • M.S. Ohio State University 1986
  • B.S. Timisoara Polytechnical Institute 1976


Current Research Interests

  • Solid-state weldability of High Performance Steels for bridges (Friction Stir Welding and High Frequency welding hybrid process development). Microstructure/property relationships, numerical modeling, Gleeble simulations.
  • Microwave Welding of thermoelectric generators using Ni and Al powder at the interface between Bismuth Telluride and copper. Thermal cycling, intermetallic layer growth, improve Figure of Merit.


Previous Research Interests

  • Hydrogen-induced cracking susceptibility of High Performance steels
  • Effect of oxygen contamination on Ni-based superalloy ENi3Fe GTAW deposit wettability on 304 stainless steel and Ductility Dip Cracking susceptibility
  • High Frequency Induction welding simulations on SAE 4130, A 304 austenitic and type 2507 duplex stainless steels and Al 6061 aluminum alloys
  • Stud welding on Zn-coated beams (HDG and EG, as well as conductive paints)
  • Resistance Brazing of W-C powder product on Cu substrate for circuit breaker contacts




Key Publications

  • books / chapters
    • Chapter 2, Gas Metal Arc Welding "Advances in Welding", sponsored by CSIRO in Australia and to Published in 2005 in the UK by Woodhead Publishing.

Additional Publications