Publications and Honors

leiffer.jpgDr. Paul Leiffer

Chair, Department of Engineering
Professor, Electrical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering

Office: Glaske O154
Phone: 903-233-3916
Email: PaulLeiffer@letu.edu


Refereed Journal Papers

  1. "Assessing Team Member Citizenship in Capstone Engineering Design Courses," Denny Davis, Michael Trevisan, Howard Davis, Robert Gerlick, Jay McCormack, Steven Beyerlein, Phillip Thompson, Susannah Howe, Paul Leiffer, Patricia Brackin, International Journal of Engineering Education, 26(4):1-13, 2010.


Conference Proceedings

  1. "Thirty Years of Rube Goldberg Projects: A Student-Driven Learning Laboratory for Innovation," Graff, R.W., Leiffer, P.R., Green, M.G., and Koblich, J. , ASEE Annual Conference Proceedings 2011.
  2. "Classroom Learning Activities to Support Capstone Project Assessment Instruments," McCormack, J., Davis, D.C., Beyerlein, S.W., Davis, H.P., Trevisan, M.S., Howe, S., Khan, M.J., Brackin, P., Leiffer, P.R., and Thompson, P.L., ASEE Annual Conference Proceedings 2011.
  3. "Low-Cost River Simulator for 100W Hydro-Kinetic Turbine Testing , " by Forringer, E.R., Green, M.G., French, J.J., and Leiffer, P.R., ASEE Annual Conference Proceedings 2011. "Diversity Receiver for Digital radio Mondiale -A Multi-Year Design Project," by Leiffer, P. R., Kim, J., Graff, R.W.,and Wilcox, D., ASEE Annual Conference Proceedings 2010.
  4. "What Fuzzies Might Learn From Techies," by Graff, R.W., Leiffer, P.R., Batts, M., and Leiffer, M.J.,ASEE Annual Conference Proceedings 2010.
  5. "The Changing of the Guard: Should the Engineering Ethics Code be Changed to Environmental Ethics?" by Leiffer, P., Graff, R.W., Lee, B.K., and Batts, M., ASEE Annual Conference Proceedings 2009.
  6. "Understanding Cognitive Style and Learning Style and Their Application to Teaching and Learning in Engineering" by Lee, B. K., Leiffer, P.R., Graff, R.W., and Sheafer, V. , ASEE Annual Conference Proceedings 2009.
  7. "What Does my Car Radio Have to do With Learning Electronics?" by Ortiz, O. and Leiffer, P., ASEE Annual Conference Proceedings 2009.