LeTourneau University's 30-credit hour Master of Engineering Management (MEM) degree is designed for the mid-level engineer (3-7 years' work experience), who would like to move into management roles. It is built on 50 years of LeTourneau excellence in engineering, technology and business education. The MEM has four specializations that can help you tailor the program to your specific interests and work environment: Oil & Gas Management, Program Management, Aerospace Management, or Software Engineering.

After your first core course you may take your specialization courses concurrently with your core courses. In most cases you can take your specialization courses in any sequence. Some students work to complete their specialization by the mid-point of their degree (15 credits) to help them in their career.

Which MEM specialization should you choose?

Oil and Gas Management

If your background and current employment is in the oil and gas industry, then the Oil and Gas Specialization is perfect. It is focused on both the geochemical issues and financial aspects of this industry. This specialization is mainly focused on the drilling and refinery industries, but could also have application to distribution networks and energy efficiency issues. The following courses comprise this specialization:

  • BUSI 6713 Oil and Gas Industry
  • BUSI 6723 Asset Valuation
  • BUSI 6763 Petroleum Finance
  • BUSI 5613 Program Management

Program Management

The Program Management Specialization is applicable to any industry that deals with products. By addressing multi-national organizations, logistics, supply chain, and project management tools, it gives the mid-level engineer the expertise they need to move into management. A focus on preparing for the Project Management Institute® certification is a core tenet of this concentration. The courses for this specialization are:

  • BUSI 6233 Quality and Operations Management
  • ENGR 6433 System Safety and Risk Analysis
  • ENGR 6453 Integrated Logistics
  • BUSI 5613 Program Management

Aerospace Management

If you are in the aerospace field, either working for a company that manufactures aerospace products, or is an aircraft operator, or you are involved in airfield operations or a fixed base operator, you can benefit from the combination of business courses, program management and aerospace specific courses on safety, regulatory issues, and aerospace management. . The courses in this specialization are:|

  • AERO 6203 Safety Classification and Cause Analysis
  • AERO 6233 Aviation Safety Management Systems
  • AERO 6243 Aerospace Regulatory Issues
  • AERO 6403 Airport Operations and Management

Software Engineering

The Software Engineering specialization is applicable to any enterprise that has an IT department. Computer and software security is critical in every industry. Employees of software and information technology companies can especially benefit from this specialization. Computer security, data management and project management are the main areas of emphasis. The courses in this specialization are:

  • BUSI 6813 Software Engineering
  • BUSI 6823 Computer Security
  • BUSI 6833 Strategic Data Management
  • BUSI 5613 Program Management

Capstone Course

All specializations and core courses conclude with an Engineering Management capstone course that ties together all of the previous courses. The capstone is an Engineering Design project course that is tailored to your current work environment. You will prepare a proposal that needs to be approved by prior to starting on the project.

  • BUSI 6703 Engineering Management Design