If you always aced your math classes and can easily identify the ways mathematics plays a key role in everyday life, majoring in mathematics at LETU may be a winner for you.


Find Out Why Math Matters


Mathematicians work in a variety of fields, and the flexibility of our program only adds to this versatility.

Technology brings tremendous change to our society. With each advance comes a constant demand for problem solvers with analytical minds and a solid background in mathematics. At LETU, we prepare our students to step up to the challenge and use their brains to impact the world.

Despite the fact mathematics is one of the oldest and most fundamental sciences, LETU professors work hard to keep their academic content relevant and up-to-date.

Our students graduate prepared to enter the workforce, become teachers or continue their studies in grad school.


Our students

  • Apply up-to-date technology
  • Participate in real-life applications in class
  • Collaborate on projects with engineering students
  • Learn mathematics from a Christian perspective, with ample
    opportunities for both academic and spiritual growth.