Financial Mathematics Concentration

The ever-evolving financial industry is highly dependent on qualified professionals with an extensive understanding of mathematics.

LeTourneau University's financial mathematics concentration prepares students to apply foundational mathematical principles to complex financial models in order to make an impact and establish a successful, vital career in the business world, particularly in the fields of economics and finance.


Concentration Plan

  • This concentration offers an integrated approach to numbers and business, blending a solid mathematics degree with business courses to equip students for in-demand jobs in a variety of fields.
  • Curriculum begins with a strong foundation in mathematics, coupled with courses in accounting, economics, finance and business ethics.
  • Learn the components of theoretical and applied mathematics and explore how math informs financial decision-making in every industry.


Financial Math as a Career

Our financial math graduates are prepared to pursue graduate studies or land a solid job in state and federal government, brokerage firms, banking, pharmaceutical firms, actuarial science, international finance and more.

Math Careers

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