Biomathematics Concentration

Due to advances in genetics, computing and information processing, the mathematical sciences are becoming increasingly important in biology and medicine.

LeTourneau University's biomathematics concentration prepares you to meet the growing need for experts in this rapidly advancing interdisciplinary field that utilizes mathematics, biology, statistics and chemistry to solve complex biological problems.

Our biomathematics concentration equips you to facilitate potentially life-changing advances in research through this exceptionally marketable fusion of science and math.


Concentration Plan

  • Students pursuing the biomathematics concentration receive an interdisciplinary degree involving an in-depth study of biology, chemistry and mathematics.
  • Coursework, including unparalleled hands-on learning and research in our lab facilities, will provide the sound foundation necessary to succeed in biomathematical graduate studies or secure an industry position that incorporates biology and mathematics in biological, biomedical or biotechnical research.


Biomathematics as a Career

  • Opportunities are abundant, and rapidly increasing, for biomathematicians around the world.
  • Potential employers include government (such as Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Departments of Forestry and Wildlife and more), universities and pharmaceutical companies, as well as other medical research and development companies.

To learn more about course requirements, view the course catalog.

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