Literature & Language Arts

We're here to Communicate.

Professionals with the ability to communicate their ideas clearly are in high demand. That's why we prepare you to be one of them. Whether you're heading toward a career in writing, education, public service, ministry, or business, the ability to share your ideas with others is absolutely indispensable.

Our degrees provide the solid liberal arts background and communications know-how that translate into a rewarding career where your voice is heard and your words make a difference.

Our courses provide an understanding of the crucial tools of language: rhetoric, composition, and grammar. These may be applied not only to the critical analysis of literature, but also to effective communication through public speaking, journalism, and technical and creative writing.

Christian Community & Opportunity

LeTourneau University is more than just an exemplary academic institution; we strive to be a Christ-centered environment as well. Here, you will find that faculty and staff care not only for your academic development, but for your spiritual development as well.

In addition to our comprehensive degree programs, LeTourneau's Literature and Language Arts department has many exciting opportunities for students beyond the traditional classroom!