Seminars in Chemistry and Physics

Spring 2016 LeTourneau University Science Seminar Schedule

Departmental seminars are free of charge and open to the public. All seminars will be held in Glaske C101 (Berry Auditorium) on the campus in Longview, TX, from 11:00 to 11:50 a.m. unless otherwise stated.

Lunch with the speaker usually follows the seminar. Lunch will be in the corner cafe either in the stage area or in the Joyce room.

Videos are usually available within a few days of the seminar. Click on the (video available) link to access the video.


4 Microfluid paper drug sensors: Low-cost, hand-held devices for forensic investigation (video not available)
Fernand Group, Department of Chemistry, LeTourneau University, Longview, TX

9 The Role of Chemistry in Global Security (5:45 pm) (video not available)
Webinar hosted by LeTourneau University and the East Texas Local Section of the American Chemical Society

11 Mechanisms that drive pregnancy associated breast cancer (video available)
Edward Sauter, Director of the Cancer Treatment and Prevention Center at The University of Texas Health Science Center, Tyler, TX

18 Use of bio-char to provide clean drinking water in rural Thailand (video available)
Gary DeBoer, Department of Chemistry, LeTourneau University, Longview, TX

24 Detecting Gravity Waves: what does it mean? (Wednesday, 7:00 pm) (video available)
Steve Ball and Edward Hamilton, Department of chemistry and Physics, LeTourneau University, Longview, TX

25 Interstellar Space Travel CANCELLED
Richard K. Obousy, Project Icarus Study Group, Longview, TX


3 Biotransformations: Reaction Conditions and Antimicrobial Properties (video available)
Michele R. Harris, Department of Chemistry, Stephen F. Austin University, Lufkin, TX

16 Jesus Christ and Nanotechnology (Wednesday, 7:00 pm in EDUC) (video available)
Jim Tour, Rice University, Houston, TX

17 Nanopeople and nanocars for the nanoworld (video not available)
Jim Tour, Rice University, Houston, TX

24 Logic in Christian Education (video available)
Tibor Szarvas, Professor and Chair, Department of Mathematics, Louisiana State University, Shreveport, LA

31 Using Chemistry and Chemical Engineering to Investigate an Unknown Color Precursor (video available)
Hollie Kinler, Eastman Chemical, Longview, TX


7 Gravity Waves (video available)
Gerald Cleaver, Department of Physics, Baylor University, Waco, TX

15 Changes in the Forecast: Antrhopology's Contribution to Challenges of Climate Change (Friday, 7:00 pm) (video available)
Sara Alexander, Department of Anthropology, Baylor University, Waco, TX

21 Gaming (video available)
Gary Brubaker, Director of the GuildHall, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX

28 Biobased Chemical and Polysaccharide Gum Products (video available)
Thomas West, Department of Chemistry, Texas A&M University - Commerce, Commerce, TX

Any questions or comments regarding the seminar schedule may be directed to Gary DeBoer at GaryDeBoer@letu.edu or 903.233.3363.

Opinions expressed by the speakers at seminar are their own and should not be taken as official positions of LeTourneau University