Abstract: Brian P. Oswald

Developing Wildland Fuel Models to better Estimate Fire Behavior in the Netherlands

October 12, 2017
LeTourneau University, Longview, TX,
Glaske O-101, 11:00 am.

As is much of Northwestern Europe, the Netherlands is experiences a changing climate resulting in warmer temperatures and dryer conditions. These changes have contributed to increases in the number and size of wildland fires in a country whose history has evolved around water and flooding issues, not fire. Since 2012, students under the direction of Dr. Oswald at the Arthur Temple College of Forestry and Agriculture at Stephen F. Austin State University have been collaborating with two Dutch agencies to develop estimations of wildland fire spread within commonly occurring sites where fires often occur. They have also conducted the first national survey to determine public perceptions on wildfire fire risks. This presentation summarizes the work conducted so far.

Brian P. Oswald is the Joe C. Denman Distinguished Professor of Forestry at the Arthur Temple College of Forestry and Agriculture, SFASU. He obtained his degrees from the University of Idaho (Ph.D.), Northern Arizona University (MS) and Michigan State University (BS). Dr. Oswald has been recognized numerous times for his professional activities, including the Society of American Foresters Carl A. Schenck award for outstanding Forestry Education, was named a Distinguished Alumnus by the School of Forestry at Northern Arizona University, inducted into the University of Idaho's Alumni Association's Hall of Fame, and received the Outstanding Service Award by the Association for Fire Ecology for his tenure as President of that Association. SFA has recognized Brian as Regents Professor, SFASU Foundation Faculty Achievement Award for Research, and the SFA Alumni Association Distinguished Professor.