Chemistry, Biological Concentration

Want to find cures for cancer, be a doctor or a dentist?

A degree in chemistry with a biology concentration from LeTourneau University will give you the skills and tools needed to work in a biochemistry lab, go to graduate school in biochemistry, or go to pharmacy, medical or veterinary schools.


The Degree

  • At LeTourneau, you will become proficient in both the biological and chemical sciences.
  • You will receive an academically solid, Christian education that will allow you to be both a skilled professional and a Christian light in your workplace.
  • Develop, plan, and carry out a research project that includes data collection, analysis, and presentation of results.


Interesting Classes You'll Take

  • Biochemistry
  • General Genetics
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Physical Chemistry

To learn more about course requirements, view the course catalog.


What can you do with this degree?

Discover the many opportunities you'll have both while you're at LeTourneau and after you earn your degree!

  • Find a great job! The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports a median annual income of $82,150 for biochemists.
  • Complete a chemistry internship, giving you hands-on experience that you can carry with you into your future career.
  • Spend a semester abroad to expand your education and worldview.

Chemistry Concentrations

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