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Bethany Kids

BethanyKids was founded in 2001 at the Kijabe Mission Station by Dr. Dick Bransford, an American surgeon (and World Magazine's 2010 'Daniel of the Year'), who has been providing surgical services to chronically disabled children in Africa since 1980. In 2009 BethanyKids performed over 2,500 surgical procedures, many of those benefiting chronically disabled children with neurological problems such as spina bifida and hydrocephalus.

BethanyKids has served children at The Salvation Army Joytown School for the Physically Handicapped in Thika, Kenya, for many years by providing needed surgery to many of its primary students. Joytown School, founded in the 1960s, serves over 300 residential, disabled primary children and is operated jointly by The Salvation Army and the Kenyan Government.

LETU Wheels students shadowing Dr. Bransford.

Due to the decreasing amount of government funds available to provide a reasonable level of rehabilitative care to the students of Joytown School, BethanyKids was contracted with the school to provide that service beginning in January 2010.

David N'gan'ga, the Administrator for BethanyKids, said, "The one thing that most impressed me about your project was your commitment to follow up and do research to see if your donations work well for the children."

Wheels is very pleased to be working with BethanyKids to work together toward their goal of bringing hope and healing to disabled children in Kenya. We can help them to do that by facilitating the donation of appropriate wheelchairs, by following up to check that the wheelchairs actually do work well for the children, and by facilitating training in proscribing, fitting and repairing wheelchairs.



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The Wheels project is a low budget enterprise funded largely by donations. With your help we can make a difference to children in wheelchairs at Joy Town and around the world.

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