Global Missions Health Conference

Thanks to the support of local physicians, a group from LeTourneau University was able to attend the Global Missions Health Conference, November 7 - 9, in Louisville, KY. This life-changing conference is a great mix between a mission conference, a medical conference and a conference on international development.

Emily Tutt, Sophomore Biology Student

"The Global Missions Health Conference was an amazing experience that strengthened my passion for medicine, redefined my heart for missions, and awakened my commitment to Christ and his work in the world. It was so special to be in rooms full of some of the most influential minds of missions and humanitarian medical care."

Matt Sturm, Sophomore Biology Student

"Each session I attended brought new insight and a new angle on medicine: I learned about the importance of triage algorithms, the importance of teamwork among medical colleagues, some of the pitfalls of western medicine, some practical ways of avoiding burnout, and the need for justice in healthcare in America. Dr. Bransford answered some critical questions about the medical missionary journey as he shared portions of his own story."

Elizabeth Richardson, 2013 LETU graduate, nursing

"I was able to speak with experienced and wise missionary doctors and nurses, and their practical and down-to-earth guidance was so valuable, as well as their encouragement to 'dream big.'

"My goals and desires in the medical field seem daunting at times, but I trust and expect that the Lord hears, sees, and knows me and my situation."

Sam Nemati, Senior Chemistry Student

"Representatives of medical schools provided good insight into my next steps as a soon-to-be medical school applicant. Mission organization personnel shared with me their passion regarding the ministries they were called into by God. Medical students provided very helpful tips and advice regarding medical school application and survival. Plenary speakers dove deep into the heart of what it means to serve God wholeheartedly."

Karen Rispin, Associate Professor of Biology

"It was a huge privilege to take this great group of students and watch them interact with godly men and women who can open doors for them in their careers. In addition, links were built to benefit the Wheels Project and perhaps open doors for international internships.

"I was personally encouraged and challenged by the challenge to do what it takes to live excellently for God in all aspects of life."