Companies That Hire LETU Aviation Grads

LeTourneau University has been producing aviation professionals for more than 50 years, and our alumni work for countless aviation companies and organizations around the world as pilots, aviation maintenance technicians, air traffic controllers, systems engineers and more.

Professionals in the industry highly regard our graduates' preparation and professionalism, and consistently seek to hire them. LETU is also served by an advisory committee, which is made up of industry experts and leaders with a wealth of experiences and connections.

A few companies & organizations that have hired LETU aviation grads:

An aviation degree can take you anywhere; but we care often able to help our graduates land exactly where they want through our relationships within the industry. Every year, representatives from top-tier aviation corporations visit the Abbott Aviation Center, as well as attend the university career fair.

We also work with our alumni to maintain strong ties with them as they progress in their careers. LETU means more than a degree - it means a highly respected faith-based education that tells aviation employers that you are a well-trained, trustworthy professional filled with potential.