LeTourneau University Ramp Operations

Services Offered

Transient aircraft on the LETU ramp may be accommodated; however, airplanes with wingspan of greater than 45 feet must park well clear of the main ramp following marshaling directions. Please contact "LeTourneau Base" on 123.5 prior to ramp entry.

If you need to hangar your small aircraft due to inclement weather, we can provide hangar services upon request depending on space.

However, please understand that our aircraft take priority and if there is no room available, we may not be able to accommodate your aircraft.

  • Ramp Fee: No fee
  • Fuel Services: None
  • Hanger Fee: None
  • Callout Fee: $50
    • If you are leaving before or after our normal operating hours, there is a $50 callout fee for a dispatcher to provide building access prior to your departure.

We do not provide FBO services such as fuel sales or maintenance for aircraft. However, we may move your aircraft to different parking spaces as needed and offer hangar services. Arrangements should be made prior to your arrival.

  • Our frequency is 123.5
    Contact to "LeTourneau Base" should be made before landing or on taxi to ensure someone will be available to meet you when you arrive. Due to TSA requirements, one of our dispatchers with appropriate badge credentials must escort you anytime you are on the ramp.
  • After hours exit
    If you decide to depart outside of our normal operating hours, you must make arrangements with us prior to leaving. A dispatcher will be present to give you access to the ramp and assist with any needs prior to departure.
  • Chocks and tie-downs
    Chocks and tie-downs are provided in the transient aircraft parking space(s).
  • Parking spaces
    A parking diagram will be sent via email prior to your arrival indicating parking spots available.

Rental cars (provided by Enterprise and Hertz) are available if arranged prior to flight. If arrangements are made prior to your arrival, they will drive to our location and will be waiting for you upon arrival. Contact the rental car agencies directly for details.

Questions? Contact:

Laura Laster
Director of Flight Operations

(903) 233-4255


Hours of Operation

6:30am - 7:30pm Monday-Saturday
1:00pm - 5:00pm Sunday

Accommodations for transient aircraft can be made if the visit is known in advance.

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Phone numbers of other FBOs at East Texas Regional Airport


  • Freq: Unicom 122.95
  • Phone: 903-643-2010
  • Fuels: 100LL, Jet A


  • Freq: ASRI 130.25
  • Phone: 903-643-2621
  • Fuels: 100LL, Jet A