Air Traffic Control Simulators

Air Traffic Control Radar & Tower Labs

LeTourneau University's state of the art ATC labs are equipped with UFA, INC. simulators a lead provider of Air Traffic Control simulation technologies. LETU offers the same training products used by the FAA in its ERAM and STARS training programs. To be the best, LeTourneau's ATC program uses the best.

Utilizing five 65 inch, high definition monitors per tower the LETU Air Traffic Control Tower Lab has two ATTower 240°-field-of-view tower training simulators with ATView high fidelity 3D graphics for photorealistic high definition out of the window views. LETU students experience a "real world" airport environment with aircraft, ground vehicles, wildlife, and weather simulated at a high level.

For en route and approach radar training, a 10-position ATCoach ® radar simulator is used. The radar lab provides emulation of operational radio, telephony and intercom voice communications capability for the training environment. LETU also uses UFA's industry-leading ATVoice ® voice recognition and response technology for voice-automated simulation, providing enhanced training by enforcing proper voice communications. Funding for the labs were provided by the university and a grant from the Department of Education.