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Alex Ott never dreamed that she'd ever find herself in the arms of a young paraplegic boy on the dusty ground of Kenya. She grew up a pretty normal kid in a pretty normal family. She excelled at school and came to LeTourneau University dreaming of making a difference in the world, but not recognizing exactly how she'd make her mark.

Alex was introduced to LETU biology professor Karen Rispin's WHEELS team and traveled to Kenya this past summer to help fit more than 100 kids with wheelchairs.

Brad Hopkins is a missionary pilot with Mission Aviation Fellowship. But he still calls LeTourneau University "home." Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) serves people who deal with challenges due to isolation in regions such as Africa, Asia, Eurasia and Latin America by providing aviation, communications and learning technology services. Brad and his wife, Rebecca, are missionaries to Indonesia and serve the indigenous people there. As a pilot/mechanic, Brad serves people in the remote villages of Borneo. Without the airplane, people would have to walk or ride boats for weeks through dense jungle to get to the places to which MAF can fly in minutes. On a typical day, Brad could fly sick people in need of medical care, Indonesian pastors, government officials, rice and even the occasional chicken or pig. Brad particularly enjoys the time he gets to spend with villagers during his flight day.

Jovita Perez's dad is a pilot. She'd known the story of Nate Saint, but never anticipated following in his footsteps. Nate was the missionary who went with Jim Elliot, Ed McCully, Pete Fleming, and Roger Youderian into the Waodani tribe in South America to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ. Nate and four others were killed by the tribe in a story that was told in the movie The End of the Spear. Jovita traveled down to Ecuador with several other LeTourneau University students as part of their Vision Flights, a project that they take on as missionary aviation students. These trips allow LETU students to work directly with a missionary flight organization like Mission Aviation Fellowship to gain a more realistic picture of the job of a mission aviator. You can learn more about this awesome program here.

Amber Webb is a LeTourneau University graduate who writes an award-winning blog about she and her husband's lives raising an amazing son with Down Syndrome. Their lives are beautifully shared through Amber's honest and transparent words and are an inspiration to moms everywhere. Altogether too often, we see colleges that highlight only the CEO examples of their alumni in their advertising. Here at LeTourneau University, our alumni are truly changing the world. Some of them are inventing tools that are helping feed entire populations in poverty. In this case, Amber is simply using her gifts to change the world for her son. And along the way, she's sharing her story and inspiring moms everywhere. Read more of Amber and Ben's story here.


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