NXT Data Experiments

Using the Lego NXT Robot as a class demonstration tool when  you only have one robot kit

Description: http://tbn0.google.com/images?q=tbn:gyk8lqk1-cnuQM:http://www.nxtasy.org/user_upload/2007/2/pobnxt.jpg

The Lego NXT Robot has several sensors. 

Description: http://tbn0.google.com/images?q=tbn:I_q2LlZhb4atMM:http://gizmodo.com/images/2006/07/nxt_snesors.jpg

Some of these may be used to do some interesting experiments which illustrate mathematics and science concepts.  This page provides links to videos which describe and then actually perform the experiments.   You will probably do better to right click on the links to download the videos before trying to play them.  They are only a 2 - 5 minutes long, but the video files are large.

Data in the form of .csv (comma separated values) files are also available for downloading.  As mentioned above, right click and download the files.  These may be read by Excel and the data graphed and analyzed in various ways. 

Worksheets are provided for downloading.  These may be printed and filled in manually or loaded into Microsoft Word for typing in the responses more neatly.

Watch this website for additions to this list of experiments.

       Video on Creating a Graph/Chart on Excel
         (Helpful information for carrying out the exercises below)

1. Distance to the Wall            
     Data Experiment Worksheet               
     Data file             

2. Leaving the Wall Behind
     Data Experiment Worksheet    
     Data file

3. From Zero to What?!
     Data Experiment Worksheet  
     Data File

4. Which Wheel?  (a large PowerPoint file with audio)
    Video 1              (download the videos into the same directory as the.ppt)
    Video 2
    Video 3
    Video 4
     Worksheet for Which Wheel
     Data is found in the presentation

5. More Power (video)
    More Power Worksheet

    More Power Data File

6. Swing It  Video
    Data Experiment Worksheet  for Swing It 
    Data File
    Calc 1 Swing It Data File
    Calc 1 Swing It Worksheet