Mathematics Matters in Our World
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You could influence our world through mathematics.

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  • Electrification
    • Use of mathematical models made possible the full use of the power of electricity


  • Highways
    • Mathematical techniques such as Operations Research are used for solving logistic problems and optimizing the efficiency of a transportation system
  • Electronics
    • Boolean algebra models the work of a transistor

  •  Water Supply
    • The efficiency of water purification techniques are modeled by the Chick-Watson Equation
  • Household Appliances
    • Quality in manufacturing is improved by the application of Statistical Process Control
  • Radio & TV
    • Information Theory mathematically predicts the amount of information contained in a signal


  •  Imaging
    • Mathematical algorithms are used for digital imaging to enhance pictures and automatically detect items in pictures
  • Telephone
    • Erlang's Formula statistically measures telecommunications traffic


  • Spacecraft
    • Modern orbital mechanics rely on the work of mathematicians such as Keplar and Newton


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