Class Devotions


These are short devotionals used at the beginning of the math classes I teach at LeTourneau University.
It has long been the custome at LeTourneau to begin each class hour with a short devotional thought and an opening prayer.
They are in PowerPoint format, but you may glean the scripture text and the thoughts to be used in other formats.
And they should be suitable for use in other settings as well.

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Moses Pleads with God
Expensive Perfume Ö Wasted?
Hypocrisy Abounds
Pharisees Try to Trick Jesus
Jesus Rides a Donkey to Church
Godís Words for the People
I Canít Make a Speech
Lost and Found
Who You Gonna Fear?
Ladder to Heaven
The Lord Knows
Who You Gonna Serve?
What Is This Altar?
Someone Keep Him Quiet
Another Mustard Seed Story
Give Me the Hill Country
What, Me Worry?
What Do These Stones Mean?
Mustard Seeds and Yeast ... What a Recipe!
Why Did Dad Give Me A Snake?
When You Go to War
Homework for the King
God Known Around the World
The Greatest Commandment
Why Don't You Fish Over Here?
Tell Us What You Really Think
Where Is That Boy?
Who Knows?
Who Wants to Pay Taxes?
Go Jump in the Lake
Who Forgot the Bread
I Am the Greatest
New Patch on Old Clothes
Who Touched Me?
What Happens to the Seeds?
Let's Go Fishing
Whacked Off His Ear
Invest This
Let's Debate
Can't Give Up My Stuff
I Can't Speak to Pharoah!
We Knew Him When
Who Do You Trust?
Lost and Found
Big Time Wrestling
Worried About Your Outfit?
A Fountain of Waters
Idol Maker
Pray the Scriptures
God's Justice
Paul's Memory
Purified Silver
God, the Divine Potter
Missionary Prayer Request
A Good Day
For Whom Do You Pray?
God's Law Written on Our Hearts
Similes and Metaphores
God's Warning
Paul's Summation
Great Is Thy Faithfulness
Hardened Hearts
God's Presence Departs
Idols in Their Hearts
Jesus High Priest
Israel's Failure
When Dad Eats Sour Grapes
The Spurs of a Christian
The Definition of Faith
Who's Who of Faith
Crowd in the Grandstands
God's Kingdom
Dry Bones
I've Got Big Plans
What Did the King Dream
Rejoice When You Suffer
Everything You Need
Parade of Time
Coming and Going
Love One Another
Confidence in Prayer
Like a Mountain
Find A Wife Who Will Water the Camels
According to Your Faith

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