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Intro to Geogebra Webinar








Geogebra Dynamic Mathematics Conference

June 2015



Slide Presentation .pdf

Geogebra files





Midwest Geogebra Conference

June 2012



Presentation Handout
Area Under Curve Worksheet
Minimize the Ride Worksheet




Probability Webinar









North America Geogebra Conference
August 2013

2013 Presentation

Presentation .pdf



T3 International Conference
San Antonio, Feb. 2011






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Nspire File


Regional Conference
October 2009

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Student Handout


T3 International Conference   
Feb. 29 - Mar. 2, 2008

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T3 Regional Conference    June 2007

Lecturing with Power (point)

Writing Problems for Solution with Technology

Excel Templates Presentation



May 2003

NCTM Conference Presentation  

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Professor: Math and Computer Science (Retired)

Email: SteveArmstrong@letu.edu

Hobby: Woodcarving



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Math 1252 Trigonometry

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Math 1503 Calculus w/Bus Apps

Math 1613 Tech Calc 2

Math 1903  Calc 1

Math 2013  Calc 2

Math 4303  College Geometry

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COSC 1303 CS 1

COSC 2103  CS 2

COSC 2203 Data Structures 

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