I am an MK. I grew up in Kenya and attended Rift Valley Academy. Returning to North America after high school, I went to Wheaton College for two years and then transferred to Penn State University and graduated with a B.S. in Biology. After a struggle to adjust to being a North American housewife and mom, I began to learn that God had good things for me to do right where I was. I got to lead bible studies, train horses, paint and write books. I still train horses at Turnbow Stables, click here for horse pictures. When we moved to Texas in 2000 I went back to school and earned a M.S. in Biology from U.T.Tyler. I love zoology. I had a great time radio-tracking hatchling three-toed box turtles in my graduate research. I'm very pleased to be teaching biology at LeTourneau. I pray I can pass on some of the joy I find in studying God's creation. As a teen in Kenya, I volunteered at Kijabe hospital. Now the research I do with the Wheels project into wheelchairs for people with disabilities in the developing world takes my students and I back there. To find out more about my spiritual journey, click here.

My husband Phil is Assistant Chief Flight Instructor at LeTourneau University in Longview, Texas. He wants to be an airplane when he grows up.

We have two children, Jen and Jess. Jess married Laird McLean in 2011; Jess is a physical therapist and Laird is a banker; they both love outdoor sports and live in Calgary Alberta. Jen married Bob Jardine in 2000; Jen has a dual degree in Education and Kinesiology and substitute teaches, but most of the time she's home with Chelsea and Zac. Bob is an engineering draftsman; they live in Didsbury, Alberta. We love to spend time with them!