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LETU 'Sting' Flight Team Takes Top Honors at NIFA Regionals

Wed, Oct 16 2013

 LeTourneau University’s “Sting” Precision Flight Team won first place overall, first place in ground events, five first-place finishes, and received the Judge’s Trophy for being the top scoring team at the National Intercollegiate Flight Association 2013 Region IV SAFECON competition this past week.  

The LETU flight team competed among schools from Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi.  The team qualifies to compete in national competition at Ohio State University in May 2014.

In addition, LETU’s Gregg Williams won the top pilot award, and Whitney Brouwer won first place as top scoring female pilot.
“The success of our students is a direct result of the quality of our faculty,” said LETU President Dr. Dale A. Lunsford.  “Congratulations to Dean Fred Ritchey for assembling such an accomplished faculty.”

The five first place finishes include the team of Whitney Brouwer (pilot) and Cameron Laramee (observer) in the Navigation event; Gregg Williams in the Power Off Landing event; Daniel Tou (Drop Master) and Ward Hurlburt (pilot) in the Message Drop event; Jacob Weeks in Aircraft Recognition event and  Daniel Tou in Ground Trainer event ranking.

“The competition this year was two weeks earlier than normal, and our team did an outstanding job getting prepared for it in such a short time,” said LETU faculty sponsor Brad Wooden. “This was the first time for us to win first in the landing event and to win the top pilot award.  I am extremely proud of this team.”
Details on each event are as follows:

In the Navigation event:.  
1    Brouwer, Whitney J. (Pilot)
Laramee, Cameron A. (Observer)    LeTourneau University
3    Williams, Gregg T. (Pilot)
O'Connor, Joshua K. (Observer)    LeTourneau University
4    Tou, Daniel (Pilot)
Stankovich, Bryan P. (Observer)    LeTourneau University

In Power Off Landing event :
1    Williams, Gregg T.     LeTourneau University    185    40
7    Laramee, Cameron A.     LeTourneau University    440    28
16    Bacher, Sheldon     LeTourneau University    750    10
20    O'Connor, Joshua K.     LeTourneau University    850    1

In short field approach and landing ranking:
8    Williams, Gregg T.     LeTourneau University    490    26
14    Tou, Daniel     LeTourneau University    670    13
19    Bacher, Sheldon     LeTourneau University    800    4
20    Brouwer, Whitney J.     LeTourneau University    900    2
25    O'Connor, Joshua K.     LeTourneau University    1200    0

In message drop ranking:
1    Tou, Daniel (Drop Master)
Hurlburt, Ward B. (Pilot)    LeTourneau University    40    20
4    Laramee, Cameron A. (Drop Master)
Williams, Gregg T. (Pilot)    LeTourneau University    62    17
5    O'Connor, Joshua K. (Drop Master)
Stankovich, Bryan P. (Pilot)    LeTourneau University    74    16
7    Weeks, Jacob D. (Drop Master)
Gould, Kyle D. (Pilot)    LeTourneau University    96    14
17    Brouwer, Whitney J. (Drop Master)
Bacher, Sheldon H. (Pilot)    LeTourneau University    259    4

In computer accuracy ranking:
2    Brouwer, Whitney J.     LeTourneau University    23    49:15    19
3    Laramee, Cameron A.     LeTourneau University    23    58:03    18
6    Tou, Daniel     LeTourneau University    21    55:24    15
7    Bacher, Sheldon     LeTourneau University    20    54:30    14
10    Gould, Kyle D.     LeTourneau University    19    59:49    11

In aircraft recognition ranking:
1    Weeks, Jacob D.     LeTourneau University    135    20
2    Stankovich, Bryan P.     LeTourneau University    122    19
5    Hurlburt, Ward B.     LeTourneau University    86    16
6    Williams, Gregg T.     LeTourneau University    81    15
9    Gould, Kyle D.     LeTourneau University    78    12

In ground trainer ranking:

1    Tou, Daniel     LeTourneau University    15159    20
2    Laramee, Cameron A.     LeTourneau University    17046    19

In Simulated Comprehensive Aircraft Navigation (SCAN):
3    Bacher, Sheldon     LeTourneau University    23    58:48    18
4    Tou, Daniel     LeTourneau University    22    59:26    17
8    O'Connor, Joshua K.     LeTourneau University    19    59:07    13
16    Williams, Gregg T.     LeTourneau University    15    53:56    5
22    Gould, Kyle D.     LeTourneau University    14    59:48    0

In aircraft preflight inspection ranking:
3    Tou, Daniel     LeTourneau University    26    15:00    18
7    Williams, Gregg T.     LeTourneau University    21    13:45    14

In school ground events ranking:
1    LeTourneau University    283
2    Central Texas College    216
3    Delta State University    146
4    Texas State Technical College - Waco    140
5    Louisiana Tech University    135
6    University Of Louisiana - Monroe    48
7    Hinds Community College    33

School flight events ranking:
1    Central Texas College    352
2    Texas State Technical College - Waco    322
3    LeTourneau University    305
4    Delta State University    231
5    Louisiana Tech University    201
6    University Of Louisiana - Monroe    39

Top pilot award:
1    Williams, Gregg T.     LeTourneau University    121
5    Tou, Daniel     LeTourneau University    102
11    Brouwer, Whitney J.     LeTourneau University    42

In top scoring male contestant:
2    Tou, Daniel     LeTourneau University    137
3    Williams, Gregg T.     LeTourneau University    136
11    Laramee, Cameron A.     LeTourneau University    82
16    Bacher, Sheldon     LeTourneau University    46
24    Weeks, Jacob D.     LeTourneau University    34
27    O'Connor, Joshua K.     LeTourneau University    30
29    Gould, Kyle D.     LeTourneau University    23
35    Stankovich, Bryan P.     LeTourneau University    19
38    Hurlburt, Ward B.     LeTourneau University    16

Top scoring female contestant:
1    Brouwer, Whitney J.     LeTourneau University    65

Top scoring contestant:
2    Tou, Daniel     LeTourneau University    137
3    Williams, Gregg T.     LeTourneau University    136
11    Laramee, Cameron A.     LeTourneau University    82
13    Brouwer, Whitney J.     LeTourneau University    65
17    Bacher, Sheldon     LeTourneau University    46
27    Weeks, Jacob D.     LeTourneau University    34
30    O'Connor, Joshua K.     LeTourneau University    30
33    Gould, Kyle D.     LeTourneau University    23
40    Stankovich, Bryan P.     LeTourneau University    19
43    Hurlburt, Ward B.     LeTourneau University    16

Receiving the Judges trophy:
1    LeTourneau University    654
2    Central Texas College    600
3    Texas State Technical College - Waco    467
4    Delta State University    424
5    Louisiana Tech University    412
6    University Of Louisiana - Monroe    158
7    Hinds Community College    31

LeTourneau University is an interdenominational Christ-centered university located in Longview, Texas, offering academic majors in aviation, business, communication, computer science, criminal justice, education, engineering, health care administration, health science-nursing, human services, kinesiology, the liberal arts, psychology, the sciences and theology.
LeTourneau University also offers undergraduate and graduate programs online and at educational centers in Athens, Austin, Baytown, Bedford, Dallas, Harlingen, Houston, and Tyler.  Claiming every workplace in every nation as its mission field, LeTourneau University graduates are professionals of ingenuity and Christ-like character who see life’s work as a holy calling with eternal impact.





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