LETU Featured in FoxNews.com Story

LETU Featured in FoxNews.com Story

Thu, Dec 3 2009

 (Longview, TX) LeTourneau University was featured today in a story on FoxNews.com titled, “David vs. Goliath: Colleges Battle Over Prosthetic Knee Invention” by John R. Quain.  In the story, Quain describes what he calls an “academic squabble” about LETU challenging TIME Magazine’s “ Top 50 Inventions of 2009” in which the magazine has given credit to Stanford University for developing a knee that is strikingly similar to the design of LeTourneau University undergraduate students. 

Quain quotes LETU biomedical engineering professor Dr. Roger V. Gonzalez, who is the executive director of the LEGS (LeTourneau Empowering Global Solutions) program. “The success of projects can depend on notoriety and being able to secure funds,” Gonzalez said.  “People will say, ‘ Hey, your knee looks like Stanford’s knee.’”< /span>

LETU undergraduate engineering students have been providing these low-cost prosthetics to amputees in developing countries including Kenya, Sierra Leone, Bangladesh and Senegal since the project started in 2004.

The story of the misplaced credit has also appeared in the  Longview News-Journal , and KLTV television news reporter Bob Hallmark ran a story about the similarities of the prosthetic designs.   Both news organizations had previously written and produced stories about the LETU prosthetic. The Economic Times, the largest business publication in India, picked up the story, as has the Chronicle of Higher Education , Inside Higher Education , and the San Francisco Chronicle.  KLTV news reporter Lakecia Shockley did a follow up story.

The LEGS program has previously been featured in numerous professional journals and presentations, as well as in a Nov. 17, 2006 Chronicle of Higher Education story  and in a July 3, 2008 Dallas Morning News video and a July 6, 2008 Dallas Morning News feature .

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