News Releases 2009

Dr. Amiel Jarsfter To Testify Before The State Board Of Education

Tue, Jan 20 2009

Dr. Amiel Jarstfer, dean for LeTourneau University’s School of Arts and Sciences, will testify before the Texas State Board of Education (SBOE) in Austin, Texas, Wednesday, Jan. 21, to encourage that critical thinking continues to be encouraged in Texas high schools.  
The debate before the SBOE is over a proposal to remove “weaknesses language” from the science process standard in the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills standards. Jarstfer will argue against changing the current TEKS standard that encourages students to skeptically evaluate strengths and weaknesses of all ideas, including the theory of evolution and concepts of global warming. 
 “One key element of college readiness is critical thinking,” Jarstfer said. “We measure critical thinking as an outcome of secondary and higher education. I teach my students to evaluate scientific ideas and to become focused skeptics, to question and justify claims made by other scientists.”
Jarstfer, who holds two patents, has been teaching for 24 years with dozens of his students in graduate and professional schools across the nation. He coordinates mathematics and English placement and general education analysis at LeTourneau University.
“Teaching students to evaluate strengths and weaknesses of all ideas serves us all by better preparing critically thinking scientists and citizens which improves our competition in the global marketplace,” Jarstfer said. “ The great advances in science and technology have been made by non-conforming thinkers. They all had ideas that strongly challenged prevailing thinking of their time and place.”