News Releases 2009

LETU Dallas Director to Perform at Obama's Presidential Inauguration

Thu, Jan 15 2009

           Director of the Dallas Education Center, Dr. Bonita McClain Vinson, and her husband, Bradley, will perform with their musical dance troupe during the Presidential Inaugural parade in Washington, D.C., Tuesday, Jan. 20 and at formal balls during the Inauguration.  A performance should be televised around 3 p.m. CST on C-Span. The Vinsons will join their former team members from San Antonio as part of an Afro-Brazilian Samba Drum & Dance company called Urban 15: Carnaval de San Antonio.
            As the director for LeTourneau University‚Äôs Dallas Educational Center, Vinson is the chief administrator in charge of recruiting, hiring, retaining faculty and is responsible for the entire Dallas and Bedford sites.