News Releases 2008

LETU to Host Free Science Seminars on Thursdays this Fall

Wed, Sep 17 2008

LeTourneau University will host a series of free, one-hour science-related seminars that are open to the public on Thursday mornings through the coming months. All seminars will begin at 11 a.m. in Room C-101 of the university’s Glaske Center. Anyone interested in more information can visit the Web site at www.letu.edu/chemphys or call (903) 233-3950.
“These seminars give an exciting look at the frontiers of science, in terms of student research and regional experts,” said Dr. Gary DeBoer, professor of chemistry and coordinator of the science seminars. “We hope the community joins us to hear these research presentations.”
On Sept. 11, DeBoer will discuss his work at the Naval Research lab in Washington, DC, along with some of the broader issues of nanotechnology in his presentation “ Nanoscience: When Small is Big”
On Sept. 25, LETU chemistry and physics  assistant professor Dr. Michael Korn and LETU students will present their summer research in the area of liquid crystals in a presentation titled “Liquid crystals: When rocks are hard as water.”
On Oct. 2, Dr. Anzhong Wang from Baylor University will discuss cosmological theories and their challenges in his presentation “Three Major Challenges in Cosmology and Particle Physics and Their Possible Solutions in String/M-Theory.”
On Oct. 16, Dr. Pierre Neuenschwander of the University of Texas Health Center in Tyler, Texas will speak on “Beauty and the Clot: A Paradigm for Elegance in Design,” covering the topic of blood clotting, a classic study in intelligent design.
On Oct. 30, LETU assistant professor Karen Rispin and her biology students will address the newest achievements of the LEGS project.
On Nov. 6, Dr. T. Howard Stone from the University of Texas Health Center at Tyler, Texas will provide insights into the science and legal system.
On Nov. 13, LETU student Andrew Baggett will recount his travels in the Deutschland, telling about work he did in natural products chemistry while in Germany in a presentation titled “Of Mice and Matricins.”
On Dec. 4, Dr. James L. Marshall from the University of North Texas will present on the topic of the history of the elements in his speech, “History of the Elements.”
In a special presentation at 6 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 20, graduate school representative Caroline Gattic will host a seminar “Ever Consider Graduate School?” The seminar is designed for students considering graduate school.