News Releases 2008

LETU Ranks 2nd Nationally In Online Education

Mon, Jul 7 2008

LeTourneau University was ranked second nationally among undergraduate colleges and universities that offer degree programs online by Online Education Database (OEDb) in its second annual online college rankings.

The 2008 rankings ranked 41 national colleges and universities considered leading degree-granting online colleges. LETU was second only to Upper Iowa University which was ranked first, with Liberty University ranked third. Filling out the fourth through 10th slots were Nova Southeastern University, California University of Pennsylvania, Grand Canyon University, Regent University, Champlain College, Westwood College, and Tiffin University, respectively. University of Phoenix ranked 25th.

Each school’s ranking is based on data derived from up to eight different metrics: acceptance rate, financial aid, graduation rate, peer Web citations, retention rate, scholarly citations, student- faculty ratio, and years accredited. The overall rankings list each college by its average ranking for each metric for which data was available.

Online education has grown exponentially over the last 10 years due to its flexible, portable, and cost-effective nature. However, online colleges and universities still suffer from ambiguity in educational quality which limits the prestige and reputation of an online degree.

OEDb attempts to make online education more transparent with these objectives rankings that compare the most popular accredited online colleges. OEDb spokesperson Ashley Merusi said, "OEDb’s second annual Online College Rankings saves students valuable time by ranking the top online colleges in an objective, un-biased manner. Those online colleges ranked in the top ten should be especially commended for their commitment to providing a quality education and experience for students."

OEDb’s Online College Rankings is available at http://www.oedb.org/rankings on the World Wide Web. Last year’s rankings were the first of its kind, and OEDb strives each year to improve upon its rankings by adding new colleges, increasing its data as more information becomes available, and evolving alongside online education.

Founded in 2006, OEDb: Online Education Database is dedicated to providing comprehensive reviews of accredited online colleges and universities and the degree programs they offer. OEDb is headquartered in Houston, Texas and is privately owned and operated.