Contact Information

Use this information to contact Mail Center Personnel.

Mail Center Manager

Dianne Turner
Phone: 903 233-4192
Email: dianneturner@letu.edu

Mail Center Assistant Manager

Dena Canaguier
Phone: 903 233-4193
Email: denacanaguier@letu.edu

Mail Center Main

Phone: 903 233-4190
Fax: 903 233-4191
Email: mailcenter@letu.edu
(For a quicker response, please email the Manager or Assistant Manager)

Fax Information

Faxes sent to the student should have the student's name and CPO # on the cover sheet or header. All outgoing faxes sent from the Mail Center require the university's cover page. 

Charges for fax services are as follows:


$.25 per page

Long Distance

$.75 - first page
$.25 - all other pages


$1.50- first page
$.50- all other pages

Receiving Faxes

$.25 per page