Office of Global Initiatives

We are committed to be a university of global influence.

           “The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it.” (Psalm 24:1)

LeTourneau University graduates can be found in all corners of the world in a variety of professional pursuits. Our vision is to build on this success and grow our influence for Christ around the globe. Future leaders in all professions will require a global perspective. The university’s excellent academic programs create an opportunity to recruit international students to study here and return to workplaces around the world with a Christian worldview. A culture of hands-on-learning and ingenuity in combination with high ability faculty, staff and students allow us to create unique service learning experiences that address global problems and social injustices in a manner that brings glory to God.


The vision of the Office of Global Initiatives is to lead the university to become a university of global influence where our faculty prepare our students to succeed in the global workplace; where our students excel as transformational leaders and service providers in the world community; where our university is seen as a university of choice for international students, and where our university is actively engaged with global educational partners around the world.


For the purposes of the 2011-2015 Strategic Plan, our initiatives include but are not limited to the following general areas: creating an on-campus global environment, equipping students and faculty with global competencies, recruiting international students, providing students and faculty global service learning opportunities, study abroad experiences for students, international professional development and scholarship opportunities for faculty, and the creation of a university without borders.

The Office of Global Initiatives serves to bring all global initiatives for the university under one coordinated office.

The six initiatives are:

  1. Create a more global/international university environment
  2. Equip students with global understanding and competencies
  3. Promote and support international student recruitment, retention, and alumni services
  4. Create a university without borders with a strong global presence
  5. Facilitate opportunities for students and faculty to engage in global service learning opportunities
  6. Enhance global competencies of faculty and staff

Alan Clipperton

Associate Vice President
for Global Initiatives