Student Services


Personal counseling is available through the LeTourneau University Counseling Center located in the Student Affairs Building.  Counseling is for those students, faculty, and staff who may be experiencing personal/emotional difficulties, social needs, spiritual needs, or academic struggles.  Services on-campus are offered at no cost; referrals off-campus may require the student to establish financial arrangements.

Health Services

Health Services, staffed with a part-time nurse, is equipped to handle your minor illnesses.  Some over-the-counter medications and first aid supplies are available free of charge.  When treatment warrants, the nurse will aid in coordinating services with a physician.

For referrals to a physician, knowledge of your health insurance local providers is necessary.  In the event your family's plan does not provide coverage for you, a student health insurance plan may be purchased through the University. Proof of insurance is required for all students taking 6 or more credit hours.

Career Services

The Office of Career Services assists students in the development of skills necessary for lifelong career management in a rapidly changing and global workplace.  Graduate placement, cooperative education, career assessment, testing, and counseling are available to assist students in the development of their lifelong career related strategy.  A variety of computer-assisted career assessment programs are available.  Incoming freshmen participate in skills, interests, personality, and values assessment programs.  These tools aid students in choices of academic and career pursuits.  Career Services also assists students/alumni in the skills necessary for writing résumés and cover letters, along with developing interviewing techniques, researching companies, learning job search techniques, and transitioning into the world of work.  Career Services offers a series of workshops and seminars to provide training and promote awareness of the career planning and job search process.  Career Services also sponsors a campus recruiting program including on-campus interviews, career fairs, internship/cooperative education, and a Career Services website posting job opportunities, career fairs, and other services related to career exploration and the job search process.  Please visit the Office of Career Services and learn more about the programs and how you can become involved. 

One of the tools designed to assist you as you prepare for a productive career is the Cooperative Education Program.  Cooperative education is an elective program that integrates classroom theory with practical experience in your chosen field to better prepare you to begin your career at a more advanced level upon graduation.  During this program, you will have specific periods of attendance at the University and specified paid, evaluated, and curriculum-related or career-choice-related periods of employment.

You can pursue a cooperative education experience in one of two ways:  The alternate option or the parallel option.  In the alternate option you attend classes one semester and work the next.  The cooperative work may be performed in your hometown or anywhere in the United States where there is a cooperating employer.  This is usually done at some time between your sophomore and senior years, with a maximum of three work experiences scheduled.  Students enrolling in the alternate option (COOP 3000) will have the status of full-time students during their period of work.  Students enrolled in the parallel option (COOP 2000) have full-time or part-time status determined by the number of credit hours in which they are enrolled.  In the parallel option you work in the Longview area from 15 to 30 hours each week in your career field.  There are also internships, usually during the summer,  that may be used as cooperative education experiences.

Although cooperative education experiences do not earn university credit, the experience is noted on the student's transcript and becomes a part of the permanent record.

Industrial firms and other organizations recognize the personal and academic qualification of LeTourneau University graduates in their areas of preparation.  Please visit the Career Services website at http://www.letu.edu/careerservices.html  for a listing of some of these organizations and firms.  Many of these companies send representatives to campus to interview graduates for employment.

Campus Jobs

Currently enrolled students interested in part-time on-campus employment can learn about available jobs and the application process by visiting Campus Jobs in the Office of Student Success.