Community Life

Since LeTourneau University is founded on strong Christian values, we believe that conduct and appearance are part of the visible testimony given by each student.  Evangelical Christians have always been guided by standards of health, moral integrity, social consciousness, and effective Christian witness.

In order to encourage individual behavior guided by these standards, students agree to abstain from a variety of activities, including (but not limited to):  1) violation of local, state, or federal laws; 2) participation in sexually immoral activities (including premarital, extramarital, and homosexual activity); 3) activities which disrupt the educational process of the University; 4) the possession, use, or sale of tobacco, alcoholic beverages, or illegal drugs; and 5) acts which involve gambling or dishonest behavior.  Those participating in these activities are subject to denial of admission, cancellation of registration, or disciplinary action which may include warning, probation, suspension, or dismissal from the University.  The University, however, maintains respect and concern for the individual and provides a developmental and redemptive procedure with the consistent application of the principles of due process.

Access to the complete LETU Student Handbook is available at www.letu.edu/studenthandbook.  It is prepared each year to convey the detailed standard of conduct requested of our students.  That handbook is considered to be a formal contract between you and the University.  Your signature on the application for admission signifies your willingness to conform to the prescribed standards of LeTourneau University as found in the Student Handbook and University Catalog.