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Formal approval must be obtained from the University Registrar prior to simultaneous enrollment in another institution while taking courses at LeTourneau University.  Formal approval must also be obtained before enrolling in a summer session at another institution to ensure applicability of the courses to the student's major.  Approval forms are available in the Registrar's Office.

Only freshman and sophomore level courses may be transferred from two-year colleges, and they must be completed before you reach junior standing (61 or more total semester hours earned).  After you are classified as a junior, special permission by the University Registrar may allow a maximum of 6 semester hours in transfer from a two-year college.

If studies are discontinued at LeTourneau University for more than one semester, the student does not need to request prior formal approval for transferring credit from another institution.  The University Registrar will evaluate such courses taken upon readmission to LeTourneau University.  Acceptance of this credit is subject to the same regulations currently in effect for the acceptance of transfer credits prior to admission to the University.  (See “Acceptance of Transfer Credits” in the Admissions section.)


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