Study Abroad Policy

The following policy shall cover all LeTourneau University degree-seeking students who register for an academic study abroad program.

It is an honor and a privilege to explore distant lands in an academic setting. LeTourneau University strongly encourages all students to apply themselves and pursue an opportunity to study abroad during their four-year tenure at LeTourneau University. These guidelines are set forth to assist students in the process of planning for a study abroad.

"Study abroad program" refers to semester long, academic programs. Programs regarding Global Service Learning and short-term academic programs should be discussed directly with the student's advisor.

Who can apply?
Students who are in good standing with the University, are not on any kind of probation (academic, disciplinary, chapel or other) and who have shown academic ability and merit. Students must meet the admissions criteria as set forth by the LeTourneau University catalog. Strong preference will be given for students in their junior or senior year, as well as students who have maintained at least a 2.5 grade point average.

Students studying abroad with another university will also be considered officially enrolled at LeTourneau University for credit and/or transfer purposes.

Where do you begin?
All students must first meet with the Director of the Office of International Studies or the Coordinator for Study Abroad to learn about the available programs. All students must first obtain approval through the Office of International Studies before applying to any study abroad program.

When can a student apply?
Students can apply to a study abroad program after completing their freshman year or one full-year at LeTourneau University*. Freshmen students are encouraged to learn about the programs as much as possible. The first available opportunity for a study abroad experience will be the spring term of a student's sophomore year. Exceptions may apply for student athletes.

What about transfer students?
Transfer students should meet with the Director of International Studies and with a representative from the Registrar's Office to ensure they are meeting all resident credit requirements. Students attending LeTourneau University for less than one year may not participate in study abroad programs. Transfer students should complete one full year at LeTourneau University before participating in any study abroad program.

What about seniors?
Students who are going to be classified as "seniors" during any semester they seek to study abroad should first meet with the Director of the Office of International Studies and a representative of the Registrar's Office to ensure all residency requirements are being met.

How to apply:
Students must first meet with the Director of International Studies before applying to any study abroad program. The student must complete and return the completed Study Abroad Application and related documents to the Director of International Studies before applying to any study abroad program. Following approval from the Director of International Studies, the student may apply to their chosen program.

Student Responsibilities:
It is the student's responsibility to make all arrangements for their study abroad program, including contacting the program directors or coordinators, arranging travel, room and board, arranging visas and passports, and any other related matters.The Office of International Studies is available to provide guidance to parents and students should any problems or questions arise. 

Students must attend at least one briefing regarding study abroad and cultural competence the semester before their departure. The briefings are important as they cover safety, health, procedures, communications, cultural sensitivity and emergencies.

Students must also meet with the Director of International Studies upon their return.

Students may participate in one (1) semester-long academic program during their tenure at LeTourneau University for a maximum of 18 credit hours. This also includes summer programs where the student seeks to transfer credit back to LeTourneau University. If a student seeks to participate in a semester program and also a summer program, the student may seek to transfer or receive credit for no more than 18 credit hours.

Financial Aid:
LeTourneau University financial aid is not available for study abroad programs. This includes, but is not limited to, heritage scholarships, merit scholarships, need-based scholarships, and tuition waivers. Students are encouraged to meet with a LeTourneau University financial aid representative to discuss what other aid options may be available through federal, state and private venues early in the process. All students are encouraged to seek outside scholarships and/or grants for their trips.

For international students receiving any additional scholarships, said scholarships will not apply to study abroad programs.

Study Abroad Scholarship:
LeTourneau University has established a Study Abroad Scholarship to assist students. Information regarding the Study Abroad Scholarship may be obtained at the Office of International Studies. Students are eligible to receive one (1) study abroad scholarship award during their tenure at LeTourneau University.  Incomplete applications or those that do not meet the minimum qualifications will not be considered. Award decisions are final and not subject to appeal. Scholarship awardees will be notified via email. The scholarship applies to semester programs with a student  enrolled in 12 or more credit hours. The scholarship award is contingent upon acceptance into a study abroad program and may not be applied to regular course of study at LeTourneau University. 

*Students may participate in the LETU-Handong Global University exchange program in the first semester of their sophomore year.




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