Graduation Requirements

Assessment Requirements

All graduating seniors must take a general education assessment examination as selected by the faculty.  Seniors who have more than 45 semester hours of transfer credit are exempt from the general education assessment examination.  Participation in the assessment program of the major is also required for graduation.  The methods of assessment will be determined by the faculty teaching in the major.

Residency Requirements

A minimum of 36 semester hours for a bachelor degree or 18 semester hours for an associate degree must be taken in residence at LeTourneau University, including the last semester of the last year.  A cumulative GPA of 2.00 is required for courses completed at LeTourneau University for graduation.  At least 12 semester hours of the residency period must be in the major in which the student has chosen to receive the degree.  Aeronautical science majors should see the aeronautical science section for the specific residency requirements for that major.  At least six semester hours of a minor granted by LeTourneau must be taken in residence.  Some minors may require more than six hours.

By special permission, a maximum of six semester hours may be transferred back and applied toward graduation requirements after leaving the University if the work is completed within one year of departure.

Application and Attendance Requirements

Application for graduation must be filed with the Office of the Registrar according to the following schedule:

Graduation in Spring or Summer - Application must be made no later than February 1 of the graduation year.

Graduation in Fall - Application must be made no later than October 1 of the graduation year.

Failure to make application for graduation before the filing deadline will result in a delay in graduation.  A graduation fee must accompany the application for graduation.  A candidate who does not graduate on the expected date must submit a new application during the regular filing period and pay an additional fee.

Graduates may receive diplomas at the end of the semester in which all requirements are completed.  Spring and summer graduates must participate in the graduation ceremonies held in the spring of each year (see Academic Calendar).  Fall graduates must participate in the graduation ceremonies held in the fall of each year.  Graduates may participate in a subsequent graduation ceremony upon payment of another graduation fee.  The requirement to participate in the ceremonies may be waived only if such participation causes extreme hardship.  A waiver in writing must be secured from the Office of the Provost at least three weeks before graduation.

Candidates for graduation who have transfer credit from another institution must submit official transcripts to LeTourneau University within 30 days of their scheduled diploma conferral date. If the transcripts are not received by that date, students will be required to resubmit an Intent to Graduate Form by the appropriate filing deadline for a subsequent graduation, along with an additional graduation fee.

Catalog Governing Graduation

Students in continuous enrollment must meet the degree requirements of the catalog in effect when they entered the University, unless arrangements have been made with the dean of the school and the Registrar to graduate under a later catalog.  Students failing to complete degree requirements within a reasonable period of time (5 to 7 years) may forfeit any right to graduate under the regulations in effect at the time of entrance.

Students returning after discontinuing studies for two or more semesters will come under the requirements of the newest LeTourneau University catalog.

Degrees Conferred

LeTourneau University provides courses of study leading to the Master of Arts in Counseling degree, the Master of Arts in Psychology degree, the Master of Business Administration degree, the Master of Education degree, the Master of Science in Engineering degree, the Master of Strategic Leadership degree, the Bachelor of Business Administration degree, the Bachelor of Business Management degree, the Bachelor of Criminal Justice degree, the Bachelor of Human Services degree, the Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies degree, the Bachelor of Psychology degree, the Bachelor of Arts degree, the Bachelor of Science degree, the Associate of Science degree, and the Associate of Interdisciplinary Studies degree.



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