Seeing Through R.G.'s Eyes

LeTourneau University's founder, R.G. LeTourneau saw the world in a unique way. He never saw a mountain that he couldn't move.

This year would mark his 125th birthday, and we are celebrating by inviting all of our students, staff, faculty, alumni and friends to don a pair of glasses just like the ones R.G. wore at the end of his life.

These glasses serve as a reminder to all of us to see the world through R.G.'s eyes, to push the boundaries of the possible and look for ingenious solutions where others see only problems, and to never forget the tremendous legacy R.G. LeTourneau left behind.



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"The University at first was a Tech school, gave many of us WW2 vets a chance at an education and a job."
- Thomas Harrison '49

"I enjoyed Mr. R.G.'s Friday night chats. He would be so preoccupied he'd forget to switch from 2nd to 3rd when driving his VW bug to the airport from campus. He was instrumental in my salvation, as well as my father."
- Tom Chandler '61

"R.G. was someone who transformed his world through not only his God-given mechanical genius, but through his concern for reaching the the world for Christ."
- Grant Campbell '85

"R.G.'s understanding and wisdom challenge me to give my life 100% to God and apply practical, Christian principles."
- Benjamin Cyr '00

"I owe a lot to R.G. LeTourneau, even though I never met him. I'm so thankful that he founded such a great school."
- Haleigh Balse '13


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