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See it. Solve it. 

Our founder, R.G. LeTourneau had a unique perspective on life and the world around him. He was radically ingenious and he never looked at challenges in the world that didn't result in the gears of his brain translating into the real gears of machinery. His machines were instrumental in World War 2. They revolutionized the mining industry and off-shore oil drilling.

But R.G.'s machines only represent one piece of his legacy. He truly was a man who moved both men and mountains. He worked with a rare and unique perspective for his time: that God needs businessmen as much as He needs pastors. R.G. was instrumental in seeing that our own workplaces can and should be mission fields to which we carry the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Today, LeTourneau University continues to embrace the aspirations of our founder. Our students are ingenious in everything they do, and our graduates proudly represent LeTourneau University and their Lord and Savior in the offices, classrooms, and cockpits of our world. This year, we encourage everyone to see the world through R.G.'s eyes. This campaign is mostly for fun. Our hope is that it will bind together the hearts and minds of our LeTourneau Nation and bring greater awareness to the proud legacy of our founder.

R.G. wore black wayfarer style glasses toward the end of his life. As we work to spread the message and mission of our founder, we encourage you to see the world through R.G.'s eyes... and his glasses.

We'll gladly send you a pair of LeTourneau University R.G. glasses if you'll promise to send us back a photo of yourself in them. Tell us about your experience at LeTourneau University. Tell us about your successes in life. Tell us what R.G.'s message means to you. We are so proud of you. Every day you follow in the proud footsteps of a man truly worthy of being remembered. And we can't wait to hear from and see you sporting some of the coolest glasses around.

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