LETU Alumni '40s-'50s

Winton Hancock

Graduated: 1953
Major: Mechanical Science
Lives in: Florida
Current Employer: Crane Institute of America
Job Title: Training Specialist

What does RG LeTourneau mean to you?

"In 1950, Mr RG sponsored 5 scholarships. I was fortunate to receive one. Since I came from a poor family, I probably would not have attended college without the financial aid. Mr RG handed out diplomas to my graduating class."

What is something you love about LETU?

"The challenge. I accomplished more than I thought possible."

Thomas Harrison

Graduated: 1949
Major: Industrial Engineering
Lives in: Illinois
Current Employer: Retired

What does RG LeTourneau mean to you?

"Well, he was quite a good employer, on a couple of occasions, we enjoyed some working time together--ONCE at the portable saw mill and again on a test scraper, he certainly ruined a white shirt and pants that night."

What is something you love about LETU?

"The University at first was a Tech school, gave many of us WW2 vets a chance at an education and a job. I worked for LeTourneau, till sold to Westinghouse Air Brake, American Standard and Finally Komatsu A TOTAL OF 40 YEARS. I surmise I am possibly the oldest left from LeTourneau-Tech at 89 years of age."

Albert (Al) Rust

Graduated: 1951
Major: Machine Science
Lives in: Oregon
Current Employer: Retired

What does RG LeTourneau mean to you?

"He was a living example of what a person could accomplish and you did not have to be ashamed of your Christian faith regardless of who you worked for. I was privileged to live in their home for 6 months before I went to Peru, SA."

What is something you love about LETU?

"The life long friends from college days that I still see and communicate with and are an inspiration living for the Lord The dramatic changes and growth that have happened since with Christ as the center piece."

Lowell Smith

Graduated: 1959
Major: Electrical Science
Lives in: Ontario, Canada
Current Employer: Retired

What does RG LeTourneau mean to you?

"One highlight was that I traveled with RG LeTourneau when he spoke in various churches and at other events. I sang bass in the RG Aires Quartet in 1958 and 1959. It was special to fly with him in his A26 airplane when he spoke in 1958 at People's Church in Toronto.

"I appreciated RG's genuine Christian testimony. He honoured God in his work and in everyday life. I appreciated RG’s inventiveness. I tell people about amazing RG and what he accomplished.

"My wife and I have continued in Music ministry, as well as some of our family. Mom LeTourneau also stands out in my memory, as she welcomed us to her house for Bible Studies, playing games, hearty meals, snacks and friendly conversations. She assisted many children and families when she oversaw LeTourneau Camp in Northern New York State. "

What is something you love about LETU?

"I appreciated the opportunity to work while pursuing my Associate in Arts Degree, 1958, and Bachelor of Science Degree in 1959. I enjoyed operating the "Dog House"- the campus snack bar- along with two other students.

"LETU provides a Christian foundation with high educational standards in a friendly atmosphere. That background helped to prepare me to work for Bell Canada for 12 years, and 26 years with Purolator Courier in various cities in Ontario.

"My wife and I are married for over 52 years and have 3 sons, 3 daughter-in-laws and 6 grandchildren. Our sons hold responsible positions - one with a health organization; one is a pilot with Mission Aviation Fellowship; one works for our Canadian government.  I am proud to be a graduate of LeTourneau, I am pleased that it is growing and continues to be held in high esteem."

Dr. Ken Stephens

Graduated: 1955
Major: Industrial Science
Lives in: Florida
Current Employer: Retired - Self-employed writing & revising technical books

What does RG LeTourneau mean to you?

"He was an inspiration to a young poor kid who never thought he could obtain a higher education (let alone go on to complete a PhD). The innovation of an alter-day "co-op" study-work program with classes on M/W/F, and work on T/Th/Sa in a vibrant factory gaining practical knowledge, habits, and skills along with the academics. His spiritual inspiration as mover on Men and Mountains remains even stronger after 58 years since graduation."

What is something you love about LETU?

"As I am not all that familiar with the present programs, it is the vision of the founders R.G. and "Mom" LeTourneau in establishing a Christian based technical (engineering) institute of higher learning that I love about LeTourneau University, and that it has survived and grown over these years. A thought to keep in mind as LeTU continues to grow -- remember that Harvard, Yale, and Princeton, to name a few, had their beginnings in Christian principles and mission! Harvard's motto is Latin for, "Truth for Christ and the Church", with similar mottoes for many others."


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