Paul Abbott - CEO, Covington Aircraft

Paul Abbott, CEO of Covington Aircraft Engines, Inc., calls himself 'a steward of a company that belongs to God.' 


"Sometimes new employees are startled to hear me say God owns our house, our cars, this business, and that we are just here managing it. I believe God owns it all.

And with that in mind, I try to be a better manager. I know we’ve got to ask Him for wisdom to manage it in the right way to bring Him honor and glory.”

—Paul Abbott, CEO, Covington Aircraft Engines, Inc.


Abbott's godly character is clearly evident in the way he conducts business, providing opportunities for their employees to come to know Christ and grow spiritually through regular chapel services, offered in much the same way that LETU founder R.G. LeTourneau did in his day.

LETU's Paul and Betty Abbott Aviation Center is named in honor of Paul and his wife, whose faithfulness throughout the years has made a lasting impact on LeTourneau University and its aviation students. Learn more about the Abbotts.



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