John Solheim

John Solheim attended LeTourneau College in the mid-1960s. When Solheim was a student at LeTourneau College, he was impressed by the ingenuity of RG LeTourneau. Today, he is Chairman and CEO of PING Golf.

"I was only at LeTourneau for one semester, but I felt it was the Lord's timing. It gave me exposure to RG LeTourneau. The way he did things wasn't conventional. He was an open mind."

— John Solheim, Chairman & CEO, PING


Solheim has been a faithful steward to LeTourneau University for many years by serving as a member of LETU's board of trustees and by supporting the athletics programs at LETU. Solheim has also hired some of LETU's top engineering graduates to work for him at his headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona.


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