The LETU Brand Process

How We Got Here

Over the course of an entire year, the University Marketing Communications team at LETU took those profound questions (How does the world view us from outside? What do people think of when they think of us? What concepts and words come to mind?) to more than 400 incoming freshman students and their parents. We met with faculty and staff, alumni of all ages and majors, current students, and friends of the university. We poured over past research about us from industry-leading experts. We partnered with a well-respected public relations firm to conduct focus groups. And in the end, we took all this data and honed it down to its five most resonating and consistent elements. We then compared our results to the strategic priorities and plans for the future of our university as laid out by our president, Dr. Lunsford.

What we ended up with is five concepts that define who we are as a university. A few of them (like faith, ingenuity, and hands on) were elements that have been core elements of LeTourneau University since the day of our founding. Global was not something that our founder set out to become, but there is no denying it is a big part of who we are and where we are going as an institution. Personal is a word that simply came up over and over again in focus groups and surveys. From friendly staff at Preview events to small classes to personal relationships with faculty members, personal is a big part LETU.

To dig deeper into how LeTourneau University embodies each of these elements both historically and aspirationally, click on one of the blue squares below.